DIVAs fight!

Oh Lord, thank you for Your revealed word!  Thank you for these wonderful DIVAs you have led to your throne of grace!

I am going to try to draw an image in your mind and I pray that it will be successful.  Before you proceed, please pray for the spirit of wisdom and revelation (Ephesians 1:17).

Think of your area of weakness.  Give it a name (ex:  fear, unloved, bitterness, anger…).  Picture this with me.   Every time you act out of your area of weakness, you lay down a brick at your feet.  You do not have to search for the bricks because your enemy (Satan) will happily supply them.  The opportunities are plentiful and the years have accumulated so your bricks may have developed into a wall.  Each time you act out of that weakness and it remains an unconfessed and unrepented act of sin, you place another brick.  Do you now find yourself surrounded by a wall that you have constructed with your own hands?

Call the wall you have constructed a stronghold.  Through that stronghold of “…..” (call it what you named your area of weakness), Satan speaks his lies to you.  If your wall is head high, picture your enemy speaking his lies to you from atop that wall right into your ear.  If your wall is above your head, picture your enemy speaking his lies to you while looking down at you.  Are you looking up at your enemy from the walls of a pit?  He wants you to forget he is the one defeated and have you think you are the one instead.  Don’t be tempted to believe  the father of lies (John 8:44).  Call on the Lord!  He will rescue you from that pit and disassemble that wall! (Psalm 40:2-3, 69:15-17, 103:4, 107:20)

If you have bricks laid only at your feet, you are looking down at your enemy as he speaks his lies.  As he is speaking, go ahead and kick him away with your foot.  While you are at it, why not place your foot on his neck! (Psalm 8:6, Hebrews 2:8)  Why?  Joshua gives us the example when he called out the five defeated kings from their hiding place in a cave.  He called his military commanders forward and had them place their foot upon the necks of the kings exhibiting the kings complete and utter defeat (Joshua 10:24).  Do the same to your enemy (your named weakness from above).  Go ahead!  Speak to that weakness and put your foot right down on it! (Romans 16:20)  My friend Janet shared this prophetic victory with me and said I was free to share it with you as well.  “Stand on top of your crumbling wall, fully armed and hold the banner of the Lord over the heap!  You will laugh in the victory because the Lord has triumphed yet again!”  Amen!

While it is our and the Lord’s desire that we would be our husband’s delight, it is the enemy’s desire to ensure that never happens.  His delight is to sow discord among us.  You are Divinely Inspired Victoriously Annointed (DIVA), don’t let that happen any longer!   As Joshua appointed his military commanders to put their foot on the enemy’s neck, there was an additional command, “Do not be afraid or discouraged.  Be strong and courageous.” (Joshua 10:25).  Do not be afraid of the unknown.  Do not be discouraged by past defeat.  Be strong because the Lord has the victory, you are the enforcer.  Now, show some courage and be DIVAs!  Be DIVAs and fight! (1 Samuel 4:9)  Your life awaits you.


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